PLCMC 4 – Study Tour 2007

Tonight, the Main Library at PLCMC had an Open Night to celebrate Library Week. Invitees were able to sample food from local restaurants, cafes and a winery and the opportunity to find out more about library programs and more.

The more included the opportunity to play with the Library’s Wii games (I bowl better virtually than in reality), driving consoles (my physical driving is marginally better) and I could really grow to enjoy Guitar Hero and Dance, dance revolution – had a lot of fun with those (check out the flickr images). I even created a short animation which they will email it to me soon. When I get it I’ll post it to You Tube. Wow, me on You Tube!

So that’s me done in Charlotte, I’m flying to Ohio tomorrow for my third full week in the US. Its going to be busy with a place a day. I’m going to miss Charlotte, I really clicked with Helene Blowers – an amazing lady, but she’s coming to Oz in July and then next February so that will be awesome. Catch you from Ohio!