CIL 2007 – Whats hot with RSS – Steven M. Cohen

RSS is still a very hot topic as most things we see on the Net has an RSS component. (presentation at

Steven M. Cohen loves Google Reader as his feed reader. Took us on a touring demo, very intuitive and easy to use. Windows Vista comes with a feed icon on the desktop. It calls it News, not RSS. Its not the name that matters, but what it can do. IE7.0 (a copy of Firefox), has a feedreader on their browser. Don’t go to browse web sites anymore, the websites come to him.

Whats cool – Libworm! Searches the biblioblogosphere – library blogs and library feeds. Much better than Google Blog search and Technorati for library related content. You can then get an RSS feed for the search results and get it updated to your feed reader.

Page to RSS, you put in a URL and it scans and creates a HTML page of the content from which you can get an RSS feed. It then updates everytime the page changes – unfortunately that includes the change of the date.

News feeds – Techmeme lists the hot topics in the tech community. Open Congress takes all the data related to congress, ie. bills, senators, news, issues etc and gave them all RSS feeds.

Justia – can follow all legal proceedings once a docket number is assigned.

RSS feeds in the library catalogue – using Library of Congress Subject headings, each of which as its own RSS link. Can also use it for new databases. And use it when databases are updated, down or have improved content.

Library Thing has RSS feeds throughout. Very cool.

Twitter is a buzz throughout the conference. Twitter is a cross between blogging, instant messaging and social networking on crack. Each page comes with an RSS feed. Steven thinks stuff will appear in Twitter via RSS. New site – RSS 2 twitter will allow you to sign up to a feed through the site and when it gets updated, it goes to your twitter page and creates a title and a link. Also check out Tumblr ( Can share a photo, a link, a post etc but right clicking on Share to Tumblr. There is an RSS feed to this, and then redirect the RSS feed to Twitter.

News readers will change soon. Steven predicts that Twitter will be the new feedreader.

Steven’s top 12 tools:
Internet Archive – – see what websites used to look like and say
Snapper – – use it to take a selection of your screen as a screen shot
Browster – – open a link in a new mini browser
BugMeNot – – get passwords for
TinyURL –
GoogleGroups –
CiteBite –
Picnik – – link directly to quotes in Web pages using a quote and URL by creating a unique URL
Missing-Auctions – – search for misspelled auctions and eBay typos
Twitter –
Meebo –
PBwiki –