CIL 2007 – Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets with Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt

Last session for the day and what a day it has been!

Fast session, a minute per gadget. All prices are US $. The word for today’s gadgets is simplify – although not really.

Treos – 6 models introduced in the last year. Depends on service – different colours and OS , need 755p is slimmer, lighter and easier.

Shredder scissors – five pairs in one, retro gadget, low tech and electricity free, protect privacy, portable, inexpensive, easy to use for home or office, shred all sorts of documents including thick ones, price $15.

TI’s projector phone – DVD quality image on the wall. Not yet available.

iPod – 5th gen. Easy to use, search, shuffle. 20,000 songs and photos – 80GB. Or smaller version. 20 hours battery life for songs and 6.5 for movies. Price $349. iTunes will offer DRM free music, but will cost more.

iCharge for iPod. Inexpensive, small, efficient and simple way to keep it charged. use with most models, key ring convenience, run on 9 volt battery.

Nano batteries – flexible, see through, 1 minute to charge, lasts 1000 cycles, 200 nanometers thick. Not available yet.

iPhone 6th Gen. Widescreen, easy menu, touch controls, high tech, WiFi, multi tasking, internet access, $499 with 2 year contract. Release June 2007.

Cube World Digital Stick People – each cube world individual has its own personality. Sold in sets of two, three series, price $29.99 per pair. Play games, connect with each other.

Pilot – label each end of a cord, so you know which is which. $6 per pack.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset – noise cancelling tech, matches face, hands free, $120.

Collapsible Chopsticks – practical, environmentally correct, stainless steel uppers, can hang them around your neck, price $19.89. – web-based voice to text service, phone to email or SMS – FREE! Need to speak clearly, but works well.

Golan i.Tech Virtual keyboard – bluetooth technology, infrared tech to project a keyboard on the desk, sensors, sound of typing, $170.

Illuminated Waterproof flexible keyboard – portable, hygenic, made of silicone, quick wash, $27

Rear view computer mirror – watch who is watching you. Price $13.

Sony’s DVPFX810 DVD Walkman – multi-formats, swivel and flip screen, slim design, light and wide, 5.5 hour battery, easy to use can connect to other displays, $199.

Useful advice: Charging your cell phone in the car drains your battery.

Palmsize micro copter – infrared remote control, flashing led for night, full flight control, foam, battery charges from remote, 15 minute charge time, uses 6AA batteries, $39.99.

On the way out – CRT TVs. Sony only has 4 models left and they are being phased out. Will all disappear in the next 3-5 years.

Plantronics CS55 Wireless convertible headset – 300ft range, battery 0f 10 hours, works with conference phone, home version available – $279.

Targus Wireless Multimedia Presenter – controls mouse, trackball, pointer, all in one, use up to 50 ft, switch between applications, no software, $79.99.

IBM Optical Transceiver – 160GB per second, full HD movie in a second, internet routers and switches first. Soon for personal devices.

USB Missile Launcher – holds three foam missiles, use mouse to control the launcher, rotates tilts and fire, easy to use, USB activated, $39.99.

USB Vision and Posture reminder – low cost ergonomic device, warns you when you are too close to the monitor – $27.

QR Code – combine physical and digital worlds, codes interact with phones, nutrition info, real
estate details, etc. Hold phone to QR code and it will tell you give you more on the item.

Google’s Dodgeball – social tool for text messages, send a text message to service and they will let you know whether your friends are in the same area.

Next Generation Robotic Vacuum – vaporware, maps out the places to be cleaned, no picture yet exists.

Cordinator – manage cords from 10 devices, surge protector, put monitor on top, $59.99.

TrillianIM client, free, connects to multiple IM clients, Astra 4 just released, free or $25 for Pro.

Belkin Compact Surge protector – no more tripping or tangling, flush to wall, sliding cover to keep outlets safe, integrated cable management, $39.99.

Smallest MP3 player – 2GB storage and radio, weighs less than headphones, $100.

Meebo – no software, multiple IM clients, use on all browsers except Opera, no charge.

Pelican 760 LED Flashlight – police issue flashlights, brighter, LED lamp is durable and never needs replacing, exceeds 10,000 hours of use, 90 minutes of continuous batter life. Available June 2007. Automatic charger available.’

Trivia: February 8th 2007 they were able to stop and restart light – implications for storage is immense.

Sony HDRUX7 – consumer HD camera.

USB toaster – works on your computer’s USB port, $7.50.

International Adaptor.

Fireplace iPod Dock – $3650.

Clocky the alarm clock – runs away and hides, gives you one chance to get up, if you snooze it runs.

Retro phone handset – no batteries required, works with most cell phones – $4.99 to $29.99 clear sound.

Picknik Photo Editor – web based, no download, most of what you need, Flickr integration, free!

Chocolate Gadgets – box of 100 range from $3 to $12 each.

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