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I have been so busy with changes at work and with my study tour coming up in 2 weeks, that I haven’t had time to blog. As per usual, everything that I want to write about comes up at the same time, so I’ll start with a “you should read this” post.

Helene Blowers at Library Bytes, points to a post by Joyce Valenza giving a short list of 2.0 rules to live by. Very useful hints.

Jenny Levine at Shifted Librarian points out the importance of virtual worlds, such as Second Life and gives compelling reasons why librarians should be at least exploring them.

Karen Schneider from Free Range Librarian posts an open letter to the Library of Congress on ALA TechSource, in response to a public meeting they called. She makes some very interesting points about “bibliographic control” and libraries.

Michael Stephens at Tame the Web blogs his 10 Tech Trends for Librarians in 2007. If you want to know what to be looking into, this article must be your first stop.

Finally, there is a lot of buzz going around the blogosphere about Twitter, a communications gateway. I’ll let you read more about it through the various pro and con posts doing the rounds. These include: Lifehacker,, David Lee King and BlogCritics. What’s my verdict? Don’t know yet, but I figure it could be useful for my study tour and even if not, its worth playing with, just to know what’s out there and being used, so I’m joining up right now!

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