Learning 2.0 – Week 9 – Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

Wow, final week of Learning 2.0. Taken me a bit more than 9 weeks, but I’ve been a bit distracted with other things. Having finally completed it makes me all the more enthusiastic about starting it at my library, but only after we have our new ILMS bedded down – so probably later this year.

The first task was to link to a YouTube video, but of course I had to take the extra challenge and embed it into my blog entry. Which once I joined up to YouTube (oh the problem of so many logins and passwords!), was pretty straightforward. I wanted to embed the video of the help desk for the book (monks, Norwegian, funny), but unfortunately the English subtitled version is no longer on YouTube, so instead I chose the Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us – which is a clever 5 minute video which gives an overview of what Web 2.0 is. Enjoy!


So what did I think of YouTube. I haven’t visited the site much as I usually get pointed straight to the video URL via Digg or blog posts. However, my first exploration of it left me impressed. Its easy to search, easy to join and after I did, it was easy to find how to embed a video in my blog. All good! Once we get started on our own videos at my library (goodness knows when that will happen though), this will definitely be the place to put them.

Next was podcasts, I have already listened to quite a few, usually through my computer, although I am downloading a few to my iRiver for when I go overseas. So the last part of the exercise I had already completed – I am subscribed to podcasts from Opal, the Sirsi Dynix Institute and Second Life amongst others.

The first part however, was to check out some podcast search engines. I chose Yahoo Podcasts and Podcast Alley, both of which I had heard of before. After looking at Yahoo’s overview of podcasts, I used their podcast search to find Thomas Ford’s click -a-story, an audio storytime of public domain picture books. Great service, one I hope we can copy someday. I also searchd on some of the other places I am visiting on my study tour and found that OPLIN also has a number of podcasts. Podcast Alley on the otherhand was a bit less user friendly. When I did a search on Princeton Public Library, it did an or search, so I got everything else but. Not very helpful. However, they do have a genre search which could be very useful.

The extra challenge was to add audio to your blog, using Blogger’s Audio Blogging service, unfortunately it was discontinued in November last year.

So that’s the program. I will do one more post to sum up what I have learned and I’m done with it, but not with learning!