Learning 2.0 Week 8 – Online Applications & Tools

This week its web-based apps and although the program directed us to use Zoho writer, I took the option of going with Google Docs instead. The reason? I have been having enough trouble keeping up with all the various logins and passwords, but with Google Docs I use the same login and password for Blogger and Gmail. One less login and I still get the same experience.
So what can it do? All the usual word processing stuff as you can see!

I like the idea of having versions, so that if you need to revert to an earlier version (and I know I wish I had been able to in the past) – You Can!

Now its 5 days later and I have just come back to editing the text. Really cool! I could get to like this!

Now before I upload this to my blog from Google Docs (another cool feature), the other part of this exercise was to examine an award winning Web 2.0 tool. I chose craigslist – which I knew of but didn’t know enough about.

craigslist describes itself as “Local classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide – community moderated, and largely free.” It started as a small, free not-for-profit site, but is now 25% owned by Amazon and although definitely for profit, much of the site is still free. Although very heavily US and Europe centric, it does have an Australian arm, with centres for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. On craigslist you can buy and sell goods, find a job and contribute to or read forums (over 70 of them). The traffic across all city points of craiglist is phenomenal, but coming from Melbourne, it is still pretty small at present with only 827 postings at the time of this entry. Still, now that it has a presence in our fair city and once people realise it, I am sure that it will expand here as it has overseas, at a phenomenal rate.

Back to Web apps and amazingly my Google Docs post on this topic published to my blog seamlessly. Very impressive – I’ll have to keep this in mind when blogging at conferences etc.