Learning 2.0 Week 7 – Wikis

I am very aware of wikis and think they are a great tool. I first came across wikis a few years back on a gaming website that I inhabit regularly. It was sooooo easy to use and I didn’t realise at first what it was. When I did realise, I was even more impressed.

Now having covered wikis in Learning 2.0 and having heard much about wikis at conferences, on blogs and in the professional literature, I am keen to get going. At my library, a few of us who are involved in getting ideas together for our website redesign, have started a private wiki as a place to share those ideas. Fortunately for me, PLCMC used the same wiki as we chose, PBWiki. It was very useful to watch the short tutorials that PBWiki have on some of the basic functions. (reminder to self, go add some new pages and a sidebar!)

Two of the libraries I am visiting on my study tour, were recommended for their wikis – St Joseph and their wiki based subject guides and Princeton for their book lovers wiki – which are the main points of interest for me at those two libraries. (not long to go now)

So what do I want to use a wiki for at my work – my first wish list item is to get our Information Services manual onto a wiki. That way staff can access it from any computer in any branch, it will be searchable, easy to update and add to and will save a lot of trees! Big advantage will be that it won’t be left to me and another who know html, to edit it! Will be a interesting to see how staff cope with it, in both the new format and in editing. After the manual, I am open to suggestions, but I do know that wikis will have a definite place in my library service.