Learning 2.0 – Week 6 – Tagging, folksonomies & social bookmarking in Del.icio.us

I know this is not blogging the Online Conference notes, but I had to take a break from my endless notes! So its back to Learning 2.0.

I had looked at Del.icio.us a while ago and although I have a lot of bookmarks, I didn’t want to share them. I use a lot of bookmarks, but they are all at home and link to things like banking, games etc. However, whilst I was distracted by other things recently (like a conference, organising a paper and a study tour etc), I was thinking about all the websites I come across (usually through RSS feeds) that I can’t use right now, but I know will be of use in the future.

Its been quite a few weeks since I did week 5 of this course, but I knew it was about del.icio.us, so finally those two pieces clicked in my mind and I thought why not use it to create a list of these useful websites, so that I don’t lose them. In discussing them with my computer programmer husband, we also talked about the possibilities of having topic bookmarks organised by topic and potentially private bookmarks in del.icio.us. So from here its explore and find out more!

As for Technorati, as a long term blogger I am well aware of this fabulous tool. But as with everything I have learnt from this Learning 2.0 program, there is always something new to learn, even from things you may already know.