Information Online 2007 – Day 1 – What about it?

So, having written 4 lengthy posts on the content of day 1, I realised that I hadn’t written anything much about what I got out of it. So here goes.

I want a USB stick with an MP3 player and FM tuner in the same piece of hardware.
I need to look up the e-government strategy and find out any implications for my library.
I need to have another look at the website and link to it on my library’s website.
I need to have another look at the AGIMO website, for what’s new/changed.
I will investigate what the mobile web will mean for our electronic services and will have that as a criteria for our new website design.
Say in touch with the development of the semantic web.
Look up more on the governments’ water plan and get more info up on our website on water and the water crisis in Australia.
Investigate our policy on choosing between hardcopy and electronic resources and if we don’t have one, get one!
Use James Robertsons advice to avoid as many pitfalls as possible as we begin work on our intranet proper.
Check out the StepTwo website for relevant articles.
Look more at staff skills audits, particularly at the type of IT skills our staff need.
Investigate ways in which our new ILMS can tap into Web 2.0 type initiatives – ie. comments, and/or find others way to provide this type of interaction.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and fail – try and learn, try and learn.
Seek potential for external partnerships.
Keep aware of search engine trends.
Help our staff development move from training to life long learning – use Learning 2.0 programs.
Get usability testing as part of our new website design.

That’s a big to do list and just from day one!