Second Life

Just when I thought my first life was diverse enough, I am now getting a Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world, but its way beyond a game. Many businesses including Reuters, Disney, Sun, Toyota and others have conducted business there, even ALA has office space there.

I got interested because of the creation of Info Island, which is run by the Alliance Library System. They have a virtual library, where anyone can walk in and look at e-books, try out databases, ask questions and much more. With the recent establishment of an Australian Libraries building, things are getting even more intriguing.

For those of you with an avatar in Second Life, watch for me next time you’re there – I’m Alexandria Bourne. Here I am in front of the Australian Libraries Building.

If you are in Second Life, let me know your SL name and I will watch for you too. In the meantime, I have to practice flying and teleporting. Good thing my avatar has a hard head and can breathe underwater!

If you want to know more about Second Life, check out the Wikipedia entry, or visit the Virtual Libraries Interact blog for the view from Australian Librarians.


    • eveline on January 21, 2007 at 6:12 am

    Hi Michelle – I’m new to SL as well, and finding it fascinating. I’m an ICU nurse in the States, using SL recreationally, and interested in academic, informational and maybe medical resources that might be there. If you’d like company sometime in exploring for that kind of content, send me an IM? “Eveline Nixdorf” is me – I must confess however that so far I’ve spent most of my time being a beach bum!

    • Michelle McLean on January 21, 2007 at 9:51 am

    Thanks for your comment Eveline. I would love to link up and explore sometime. Can you let me know where in the US you are, so I have an idea of the time difference.

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