Learning 2.0 – Week 5 – Online image generators, Library Thing etc

I was going to take a break from this Learning 2.0 – intensive version, but in a moment of weakness, I decided to start the next lesson – image generators and got hooked! I should have known better – this learning 2.0 stuff is fun!

Here’s one – the ultimate search for me (nothing wrong with my self image!)
(from http://www.gooogie.co.uk/)

And another: (from http://www.ComicStripGenerator.com/)

This led to trying Library Thing, which I have been meaning to do for a while. I love idea of being able to see all my books with their covers and info beyond the title and author, like what Syndetics will do with our new ILMS (can’t wait!)

So it took me 2 seconds to join up and then another 10 seconds to add 10 books to my library. If only everything was so simple! Now I will keep adding to my library which will take some time, but in the meantime, I have subscribed to the RSS feed from the Library Thing blog so I can learn more about this great service, as I go. I am even planning to add a widget from Library Thing to my blog, as soon as my new additions list is not my complete library! If you want to see what I have added, go to my Library Thing account.

Finally, I have had one play with Rollyo a little while ago and also had a look at Google Co-op search, in the hope of getting a type of federated search happening on our library website. It worked OK with some of our databases, but due to the variations in validating users, it didn’t work with them all. However, now that I have been reminded, I will be getting back onto it at work. With both these products, its easy to do.

Wow – a lot to do in one week’s learning, but soooooo much fun!!!!


    • CoMeDy KiNg on February 5, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    More Web 2.0 image makers found on http://www.CustomSignGenerator.com.

    • Michelle McLean on February 5, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Thanks for letting me know, they look great!

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