Learning 2.0 – Week 4 – RSS and News Readers

Yes I know its only been a day since I blogged on Week 3, but I’m fast and I’m trying to catch up!

I love RSS feeds. I already have feeds to about 50 blogs coming into Thunderbird, my email client (same guys did the Firefox browser, which I also love). I have also set up an RSS feed (with help) for my libraries blog, so I think its a wonderful invention.

This exercise required us to set up a Bloglines account. I know many bloggers who use Bloglines as their feed reader, but I hadn’t set up an account as I was happy using Thunderbird as my feed reader. However, I have set up an account with feeds from Flickr, which is new for me, as well as some other favourites. I will continue to use it, not only to stay familiar, but to help me out when I travel. I am going to Sydney in late Jan and then overseas in April for several weeks – at those times I will add my must read feeds to Bloglines so I can access them anywhere.

However, in general I will stick with Thunderbird. Its so easy to check your feeds and catch up when you are checking your email (and as I monitor 4 email accounts, that’s a regular task!).