Learning 2.0 – Week 3 – Flickr

Narre Desk
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So what happened to week 2? Well my previous post was week 1 and week 2 together. So here we are at week 3, exploring Flickr.

After reestablishing my Flickr account, which only held my Librarian Trading card, I did some quick uploading of photos from my computer – all related to my library service of course.

I chose this one of the desk at Narre Warren Library, because that’s where I work. Its not the best angle, but I only took it to test the photo uploading capabilities of our new public computers.

In the meantime, I had had lots of fun with Flickr. I used some of the mashups to create artworks and a movie poster using some of my photos. So easy to get distracted!

So I will be heading back to Flickr to do some more uploading, playing with mashups, getting a decent icon up for me etc. And I will be working with my manager to get a Flickr account started and bursting to the seams with images from my library. What fun!