Learning 2.0 – Beginning the journey

Sometimes its useful to go back to basics, especially if you think you know more than you do.

Me being a case in point. I have been blogging for over a year, have used various Web 2.0 sites etc and got very excited about PLCMC’s Learning 2.0, but thought I knew enough and didn’t join in. Yarra Plenty has just started the program and same thing, I didn’t join in straight away.

I have now and am already seeing the benefits. PLCMC started with a video of 7 1/2 habits of effective learning – those being:

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. Accept responsibility for your learning
  3. View problems as learning challenges
  4. Have confidence in yourself as an effective learner
  5. Create your own learning toolbox
  6. Use technology to your advantage
  7. Teach/mentor others

and 7.5 PLAY!

Part of this week’s lesson is to discuss these habits. I am pretty good with all of them – just ask anyone who knows me. In fact, I relish many of them. However, the one I have most difficulty with is PLAY. Who would think it would be hard to play. Well it is, for me anyway. I’m task oriented, so what I do has to be to a purpose, play isn’t necessarily achieving an ultimate goal. It might solve a problem – but you don’t know that at the time of playing.

So I started this program for a couple of reasons – I am going to PLCMC next year as part of my study tour, so I thought I should see how the program works and once we have our staff settled with our new ILMS, I would like to start this program in my workplace. What I have found however, is that there is still much for me to learn and this program will help to do that.

If you haven’t started the Learning 2.0 journey, either do so with Yarra Plenty or go back to Charlotte Mecklenburg – its all still there for you to follow at your own pace. You might be surprised at what you may learn, I am already!