Some more great reads

I have been swamped lately, instead of getting quieter towards Christmas, I seem to be getting busier. So as I have done before, here’s links to some great reading that I just don’t have the time to blog about at present.

Internet Librarian has been and gone in Monterey, California. For those of us who missed it, there is great coverage on quite a few blogs, including ALA TechSource, Library Bytes, David Lee King and The Shifted Librarian, just to name a few. The presentations are also now available at the Internet Librarian 2006 website. Thanks to all the bloggers who attend and give us the rundown, I am amongst many who appreciate your time and effort so that we can share the conference.

Stephen Abrams has written a fascinating 3 part paper, “Waiting for your cat to bark – competing with Google and its ilk“. You may or may not agree with what he has to say, but either way it is an interesting exploration of libraries and where they fit in this knowledge economy, very well worth the read.

One potential future of book publishing is explored in “The Book as place: The “Networked book” becomes the new “in” destination.” It discusses the different forms of networked book, where people are able to post comments, corrections, thoughts, disagreements, to the contents of a book in draft form online. Fascinating idea.

The Librarian in Black gives a great overview of the papers presented at a mini-conference, “The Future of Libraries Pt 2: Models that work“, in San Francisco.

My friend and coblogger CW at Ruminations did a great paper on blogs at the ALIA Click 06 conference in Perth. “Creating Community: the blog as a networking device” gives a great overview of blogs and their use in libraries and professional development. Many other conference papers are available from the ALIA Click 06 website. The team at Libraries, also did a great job at summarising at “Blog the conf“. Thanks guys!

Read, discover, learn and enjoy!