Its a great read!

Life and blogging have not been conducive to each other lately. So while I am trying to get my head around some ideas that I will eventually write about, I decided that I would refer my readers to some of the great reads that I have enjoyed lately on a variety of topics. I highly recommend that you check them all out.

However, please note that having decided on this as a blog entry, that I will have to do this again, as some of the great reads I have enjoyed, I can’t quite lay my hands on at present. Therefore, consider this part 1. πŸ™‚

“Future of public libraries” from Tim Rogers at InfoCommuner gives a very people oriented look at the future of public libraries in a digital age. Very nicely done and very relevant and just a step or two further from what we already do.

For those who are wondering about, but not necessarily waiting for, Windows Vista to arrive (formerly known as Longhorn), check out the review by APC Mag. I was going to give Vista a total miss, but now I am not so sure, as there are some very nice inclusions. See what you think.

Peter Jacso editorialised about Informed and Underinformed Librarians, emphasising the importance of keeping on top of things in all aspects of our work, not just in technology.

Wendy Boswell at Lifehacker gives a quick and useful lesson on How to search the Invisible Web. Some very quick and easy hints for anyone who searches the Internet.

For those just learning about blogging and bloggers (like me), Comscore has produced a research report on Behaviors of the Blogosphere, an exploration of weblog audiences. Very interesting.

And last but not least, a great blog entry on Wikis (after all, it refers back to my previous entry on Wikipedia πŸ™‚ ) from CW at Curtin Uni in WA.

There is so much great information out there, freely available, to help us all do the best we can for our library users. Why not make the most of it!