Problems dealing with new technology

I am posting this after having finally found the solution (I hope) to the comments problem on this blog. I opened my blog to comments, hoping that I would get some feedback on what people were thinking of my ponderings, however in doing so, I opened it up to mostly spam!

All the spam said was that they like the blog (or it was cool, or great or some such rubbish) and that I should visit their “……” site in return.

I don’t want that sort of feedback, so I had to change the settings to only allow registered bloggers to comment. Unfortunately that went too far the other way. I have now found a mid point (I hope) which allows anyone to post, but with a verification process, which will kill the auto-spammers.

So that’s problem number one.

Problem number 2 – its taken me this long to find the solution.

I love new technology, don’t get me wrong, but it takes time to learn about how to use it, how to best use it and how to best utilise it. Time, that as a part-time worker and full-time wife and mum, I don’t have a lot of. (as is testified by the time since my last post). I would love to have as my full-time occupation, the ability to test, learn and implement new technologies in all their wondrous forms, but that is not where I am at. Although I would love it, I love other things more, so they get higher priority.

Problem 3 – which technologies to choose?

There is so much out there. I will be writing a one page bi-monthly newsletter article for our staff, just informing them, in brief, of the new technologies and terminologies coming out. The first article is done, but I already have enough content for the next year! And thats not allowing for what new things will happen in those 12 months. Sigh!

The only working solution to this problem for me, is to pick and choose. I will keep informed, as best I can, on new technologies and in particular those with relevance to my work and home situations, but then choose the ones that I think have most relevance and the best chance of being implemented in my workplace. And for this, I thank all those faithful bloggers out there who have made that job so much easier for me.

The good thing about all this is the homework. At school, homework used to be a bore. Not anymore, now its a wonderful learning experience and a lot of fun!

So problems or not, I’ll still be there, sticking my nose in the cutting edge of technology, and hoping that we will be able to utilise at least some of it, to help provide an even better service for our users.

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    • Linda on October 5, 2005 at 4:14 am

    I couldnt agree more about having time…We have a new digital camera at our house and I can point and shoot but thats it so far – the manual is gathering dust. Of course, in library land, its not just time spent understanding new technology but also looking for a suitable ‘fit’ within the organisation. Things like cost, usefulness, degree of technical ability required and the chance of getting people to do something in a different way all need to be analysed and it all takes time! The payoff is finding the ‘killer app’ – something so useful and obvious you wonder why nobody thought of it before!

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