Podcasting – what’s all the fuss!

For those of you who haven’t heard of podcasting, check out Wikipedia for a description. Podcasting is growing very quickly, even my local radio station is podcasting their prank phone calls.

But how does that apply to my local library?

Initially I was excited about our local history, which was growing exponentially as an accessible resource, under the inspired direction of our great local history officer. She has been working towards an oral history project, which she hopes we can make available on our website. Same intent, but different direction, instead of just a wav file, we can move more to the podcasting idea.

Then an equally inspired colleague suggested that we could record our guest speakers, who present seminars and talks in our libraries and podcast those. With copyright permission of course!

Now, the more I read in other blogs and articles, the more I can see that this could be a great thing for us. Our teen market is very tech savvy, so we could think of ways to use this to reach out to them. We could use it for library instruction, for providing book reviews and new book notifications for the visually challenged or patrons who spend quite some time travelling to and from work everyday(and we have quite a few of those!). The possibilities are just about endless.

The biggest hurdle? Finding the money to get the equipment. We want to be able to do it properly, right from the start. Next is getting the staff to use this new whiz bang equipment and then making sure we have enough space on our website to host it. But I am not daunted, I am excited. So one day, you will see the announcement on this blog that we have done it. I can’t wait!