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Jun 30

Blog June 2013 – Day 30 – Challenges ahead

This is the last day of the Blog June 2013 and there were a few times I didn’t think I’d be able to post librarian-related content every day, but I managed.  Fortunately we work in a profession which brings us new challenges almost daily. So now this challenge is complete, what next! I need to …

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Jun 29

Blog June 2013 – Day 29 – Victorian Public Libraries 2030

As one of the Statewide Projects this financial year, the State Library of Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network collaborated to answer the question of what a public library is now and will be in 2012. The Victorian Public Libraries 2030 Strategic Framework is the result and has been launched now – it is well …

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Jun 28

Blog June 2013 – Day 28 – The perils of basic assistance

With the recent addition of e-books to our library offerings, we have created some simplified instructions on how to download an e-book.  We have created similar such sheets many times before, to help our library users to help themselves with various library services. The instructions are quick and easy, but don’t take into account any …

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Jun 27

Blog June 2013 – Day 27 – Does your workspace reflect you and/or your job?

I was wandering back to my desk today and noticed how it really was a reflection of both my job and myself. The desk itself is very tidy and organised, like me, and the things that surrounded it were local history items, two iMacs in the middle of configuration, training notes for an eBay seminar …

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Jun 26

Blog June 2013 – Day 26 – Lifelong Learning with each other

Tonight I gave a one hour seminar at one of our libraries – an introduction to an online service, which I have been using for years. The aim of the seminar was to give people some tips and tricks to help them to get the best use of the service. I have run other seminars …

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Jun 25

Blog June 2013 – Day 25 – Law-abiding librarians

Librarians are generally law-abiding. We can be great advocates of protecting copyright, reminding our users of their rights and responsibilities under the law. I think this is right and just, we need to protect both the right of the producer (author, artist, musician, publisher – whomever it is), whilst also giving our users the ability …

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Jun 24

Blog June 2013 – Day 24 – Digital Rights Management (DRM)

We have just launched our first e-book collection and are dealing with Digital Rights Management (DRM) on a scale we have never had to before. It will be an interesting time for us as we have to deal with something new for us. As we start to think about implications and dealing with them, I …

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Jun 23

Blog June 2013 – Day 23 – The cloud saved me…….

A lot of time – as I don’t have to rediscover my apps and re-enter contacts. As I posted back on the 13th June, I lost my phone (grinding teeth, distress and grief). But today I got my permanent replacement (my new sim card has been doing a lot of transferring recently). Fortunately, due to …

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Jun 22

Blog June 2013 – Day 22 – Unpleasant side of customer service

I love helping people find what they need. The ‘customer service’ side of librarianship is one of its great attractions for many people, me included. The problem is that not all ‘customer service’ interactions are pleasant.  People are people after all and they come in to your library for a time, with all their baggage, …

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Jun 21

Blog June 2013 – Day 21 – Your reach

Besides this blog, I have been a presenter and have some other author credits to my name, as well as organising professional development events. I have had people tell me over the years, that through these things I have impacted on their professional lives, helped them learn new things and new perspectives and more. But …

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