Jun 22

Blog every day of June – Celebrating achievements – Sun 22nd June

We are very low key in libraries and besides major anniversaries of our library branches, or are introducing a new whiz-bang service, we rarely make a fuss.

But we need to.  We need to celebrate our achievements – our personal ones as well as our organisational ones.

I was looking back at last year’s Blog every day of June posts and came across my goals looking forward.  I was quite pleased to discover that I had achieved them all:

  • This blog got a new look and I’m still writing
  • I wrote an article on Events Booking service online, which was published in Online Currents
  • I had a paper and a workshop with a colleague accepted for VALA and both were favourably received
  • I have survived our big year at the library and am already planning for the next big year.

We get acknowledgement in our annual appraisal process which is nice, but I think it is just as important to acknowledge your successes to yourself.  We can be our own worst critics, so even as we berate ourselves for when things go wrong, we should congratulate ourselves for our successes.

Regardless of what form that congratulations takes, we all need and deserve to “take that bow” when we achieve. As I am sure we have all had successes in this last year, I applaud you all – so take your bow and remember your successes, especially the next time you berate yourself.  Job well done!


  1. Roger

    It’s an interesting situation. Apps add value where offsite access, additional business logic, or aggregation from multiple areas is required. This functionality can add value to patrons but web presentation could also do this too.

    I think the device market will continue to change platforms, formats and development needs and it’s unlikely we will see standardization across competing hardware and OS vendors.

    However with web standards already established, and I mean the regulatory body, building mobile functionality with the web browser as the presentation layer is the best way for vendors to future proof themselves and their clients.

    Apps have their place now but as network speeds and accessibility increase, presentation based on industry web standards seems a natural course of focus.

    Another benefit is web presentation requires technologies that lend themselves to openness. This means that a lot of further integration can be achieved in a home ‘home brew’ manner (the feral librarian with coding skill etc).

    Patrons want easy facilitates access. I don’t think this lends itself to apps any more than web.

  2. Michelle McLean

    Thanks for the comments. I agree with you that the technology is able to do it, it is more the staff infrastructure, support and the legalities that are of greater concern in moving forward on this.

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